JOMAS & BEACH RESIDENCE apartments include a full basic technical support package, including site cleaning, automatic heating control in the online mode, 24-hour video surveillance and home insurance (on individual request).

Depending on the apartment, a convenient parking space or an opportunity to purchase a parking space for an additional fee will be offered.


Commercial management

If you are considering the JOMAS & BEACH RESIDENCE apartments as an investment, you will be interested in the commercial management of your apartments.

For buyers who live seasonally, or a short period of time in a year (for example, summer months), all the rest of the time - the apartments can effectively be leased, making a profit. As part of the commercial management, you receive a monthly report on the profits from tenants, as well as the cost of maintaining the apartment.

We attract tenants all year round.

The first 3 years - we guarantee conditional profitability, within 5-6% per annum, depending on the apartment.

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